At ARC food Technologies, we are devoted to providing exceptional service and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  Our team takes a hands-on approach throughout the development process, from ideation to commercial supply.

ARC Food Technologies demonstrates excellence in researching and developing custom finished food products and ingredient systems tailored for commercial food companies on both international and domestic scales.  Our team is focused on delivering solutions surrounding processing, shelf-life concerns, product matching, and providing creative products that set industry standards.

We are equipped with an in-house test kitchen with pilot scale equipment, allowing our team of specialists to provide comprehensive technical support to our customers.

ARC Food Technologies has processing partners located around the world. Our manufacturing network is committed to maintaining exceptional quality delivering safe products to our customers. All of our raw materials are subject to our Supplier Approval Program to guarantee high-quality standards.

ARC Food Technologies is committed to providing inventive products and solutions. Our team of specialists strive to create new concepts in flavour development and functional execution. We possess significant research and development capabilities with several unique technologies covered by international patents.

ARC Food Technologies is devoted to providing exceptional service to our customers. Our technical team provides extensive support throughout the development process, including travelling to customer facilities for on-site assistance.

ARC has access to a wide network of domestic suppliers, enabling swift procurement of readily available finished food products and ingredient systems tailored for export to the North American market. Through custom packaging solutions, our finished food products can be provided in bulk formats for further processing and in retail-ready formats for direct sales.